Gateway 1 Unit 8 : Social Problems

Gateway 1 unit 8: social problems


Some social problems: 

Unemployment – people with special needs – violence against women – shanty towns – racism – immigration – illiteracy –

Dangerous diseases – poverty – road accidents – homeless children – beggars

Functions: making suggestions 

Suggestion: is an idea, a plan, or a possibility that someone mentions

Expressions of suggestions

  • Why don’t + subject…
  • Let’s + infinitive…
  • I suggest + gerund ( verb+ing)
  • What / how about + gerund


  • Why don’t we go on a picnic?
  • Let’s go on a picnic
  • I suggest going on a picnic
  • What / how about going on a picnic

Grammar: The reported speech (direct to indirect)

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Grammar: Phrasal verbs

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Grammar: Reflexive pronouns

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