Conditional Type 2

Conditional Type 2

What is Conditional Type 2?

Conditional type two is a grammatical structure used to talk about hypothetical situations in the present or future that are unlikely to happen.

When do we use conditional type 2?

Conditional type 2 is used when discussing impossible situations in the present or future or expressing Advice.

What is the form of conditional type 2?

Conditional type 2 is made up of two clauses. The first clause begins with if and is called the IF CLAUSE. The second clause begins with a modal in the past and is called the MAIN CLAUSE. 

[if + subject + simple past] + [subject + would + verb (infinitive )]

NB: conditional type 2 = present wish

Five examples of conditional type 2

  1. I would buy a house by the beach if I had a million dollars.
  2. I would send her a letter if I knew where she lives (which means I don’t know where she lives).
  3. If I were you, I would study harder for the exam.
  4. If it rains tomorrow, we will cancel the picnic.
  5. If I had more time, I would travel to Europe.
  6. If you don’t hurry, you’ll miss your flight.

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