Capitalization Checklist

Writing - Capitalization Checklist2

Capitalization in writing is the practice of making the first letter of a word a capital letter. This is typically done to show that the word is a proper noun at the beginning of a sentence or to emphasize specific words. Capitalization is an integral part of writing as it can help make a text more legible and easier to read. Here is a Capitalization checklist that will help you:

  1. The first singular pronoun ā€œIā€.
    • I speak English.
    • You cannot write i speak English
  2. The first word of every sentence.
    • Maybe the train shall be late again.
  3. The specific name of a person (and his or her title).
    • Her name is Mrs. Barbara Jones.
  4. The particular name of a place or thing.
    • Mosque Hassan the Second
  5. Nationalities, languages, and religions.
    • Paolo is Mexican, he speaks Spanish, and he is Christian.
  6. Titles of books, magazines, films, periodicals, etc.
    • Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.
    • The Daily Mirror is an English newspaper.
    • Titanic (1997) is a film directed by James Cameron.
  7. Holidays and feasts.
    • Aid al Adha, the Green March, Halloween, the New Year, etc.
  8. Abbreviations of well-known organizations and government agencies.
    • The UNFAOUNESCOCIA, etc.
  9. Days of the week.
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.
  10. Months of the year.
    • January, February, March, April, May, June, etc.
  11. Planets and stars.
    • The Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, etc.
  12. Brands or trade names.
    • Samsung, Apple, Windows, Nike, Ralph Lauren, etc.


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