1st Baccalaureate Test 03

This “1st Baccalaureate Test 03” is an A1 English Test. It is a thorough assessment of a student’s English language abilities. Specifically, this test focuses on three crucial areas of language proficiency: reading, grammar, and writing. Firstly, in the reading section, students will be evaluated on their ability to comprehend written English at a basic level. Secondly, the grammar section will gauge the student’s grasp of English grammar rules and ability to apply them in written sentences correctly. Finally, the writing section will test students’ ability to communicate effectively in written English by examining their writing skills, including vocabulary, sentence structure, and coherence.

1st Baccalaureate Test 03

Michael Kevin Kearney (born January 18, 1984) is a former child prodigy known for setting several world records and teaching college at the age of 17. Before Michael Kearney was born, the doctors warned his parents that he might have learning difficulties. He’s been proving them wrong ever since! When he was four months old, Michael could say complete sentences like, “What’s for dinner, Mom?” By ten months, he could read words. Studying at home with his parents, Michael completed four grade levels each year. At five, he entered high school – and finished in one year. By then, he graduated from college with honors. For this reason, he is listed in the Guinness Book as the world’s youngest university graduate

at this age, receiving a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of South Alabama.

At eleven, he went to graduate school. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a master’s in biochemistry three years later. He taught at Vanderbilt University, also in Tennessee, at 16. He received a second Master’s degree in Computer Science from Vanderbilt when he was 17.

N.B.: A child prodigy is a child who masters one or more skills or arts at an early age


A. Are these statements true or false? Justify your answer. (2 pts)

1. Michael started his studies at a primary school in Alabama.

2. Michael began his career as a teacher at the age of 17.

B. Answer these questions according to the text. (3 pts)

1. How did Michael show that he was a prodigy?

2. How has Michael proved that doctors were wrong?

3. Why is Michael listed in the Guinness Book?

C. What do these words refer to in the text? (1 pt)

1. “them” (line 4)

2. “this age” (line 8)

D. Read the second paragraph and find words meaning the same as (1 pt)

1. made advance notice of danger: …………………

2. prizes for achievement: ……………..

LANGUAGE: (7 pts)

A. Rewrite these sentences as suggested. (2 pts)

1. They say that Michael is the world’s youngest postgraduate.

Michael ……………………………………………………

2. John worked hard. Consequently, he got good marks.

Because of ………………………………………………………….

B. Put the words in brackets into the correct form using the suitable prefixes or suffixes. (2 pts)

1. I think I (agree) ……… with your opinion. I don’t find it convincing.

2. A: Is this water (drink) ………?

B: Yes, I have just poured it from the bottle.

3. Tom tore the envelope, took out the letter, (fold) ……… it, and began to read.

4. After the fall of the wall of Berlin, Germany got (united) ……….

C. Fill in the blank with the appropriate phrasal verb from the list. (1 pt ½)

came in – came out – dropped in – dropped out – handed in – handed out

1. The teacher _____ ____ the books at the beginning of the lesson.

2. When she got home, she opened the door and _____ ___.

3. He opened the window and _____ the bag ___.

D. Identify the functions of these sentences. (1 pt ½)

1. I’m sorry to say this, but you did hurt me.

2. Forgive me for being late.

3. Would you mind opening the window, please?

WRITING: (6 pts)

Write a paragraph of 6/8 lines discussing the importance of women’s education and its impact on development.



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