1st Year Bac Test 01

This “1st Baccalaureate Test 01” is an A2 English Test. It thoroughly assesses a student’s English language abilities, specifically in grammar and vocabulary. The grammar section will gauge the student’s grasp of English grammar rules and ability to apply them in written sentences correctly. In the vocabulary section, teachers will evaluate students’ ability to comprehend English vocabulary at a basic level. 

1st Baccalaureate Test 01


Pollution is one of the problems in the world. Day after day, it is growing and making a severe troublemaker for nature. It is of several types. What are its causes and its consequences?

Pollution is a severe menace threatening all creatures. It includes air pollution, water, and soil. Some air pollutants have reduced the capacity of the atmosphere to filter out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. This problem results from many gases and smoke from cars and factories. Factories always spill industrial chemicals such as metals, oils, and other substances into the water. These wastes harm many plants, animals, and Man in particular.

Human beings are the first victims of pollution. In many countries of the world, governments work hard to put an end to its dangers. Numerous members of international associations attempt to protect the earth’s resources. The critical solution is to make people aware of the pollution threat. Then, to reduce using cars and all sorts of damaging technology is of equal weight.


A- Answer these questions according to the text: ( 3 pts )

1. What sorts of pollution are listed in the text?

2. What are the causes of pollution?

3. How can we reduce pollution?

B- Find out synonyms of these words from the text: ( 2 pts )


b. dangerous

c. hurt

d. destroying.

C- Find nouns from the following words these words: ( 2 pts )

To grow……..
To include……..
To threaten……..
To protect……..


A- Rewrite the sentences as indicated: ( 3pts)

1. Unemployment has caused a lot of social problems all around the world

A lot of social problems ……………………………..

2. Nass Lghiwan will give a concert in Agadir

A concert …………….

B- Match each statement below with the function it expresses (2pts )

1.You should go on a dieta. Surprise
2.Incredible! How is that?b. Dislike
3.What about buying our teacher a painting?c. Advice
4.I can’t stand doing homework on weekendsd. Suggestion

C- What do you say in the following situation? Write a short dialogue. ( 2 pts )

You forget to do your homework. What do you say to your teacher?

– You: …………………………………..

-Your teacher: ………………………….


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  1. Dear Mr.Nabil,
    I really want to tell you that you do not need to give such comments any attention because whoever he is or she is is just trying to deminsh your great work. Thank you so much for your great work

  2. سلام عليكم أنا أريد تعلم الإنجليزية

  3. Hi ! English teachers and learners as well.
    How the test above can be test no 1?
    Many things ( functions ,grammar….)not yet achieved.

    • Hello, anonymous. Test no 01 means that there is a list and this is the first. That is to say, more to come not the ranking or quality of the test 🙂


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